Help me help you! 

Answer a few simple questions now and I'll keep your specifications on file

  • Comma before too – He went with us, too.

  • Slashes/hyphens/zeros/complete year in dates/abbreviated decades – 4/12/19, 4-12-19, 04/12/19, 4/12/2019, ‘90’s, 90’s, 90s, ‘90s

  • Hyphen between – inch-and-a-half

  • Eight o’clock, 8:00, 8 o’clock, 8:00 o’clock

  • $2 million dollars, two million dollars, 2 million dollars

  • Spell out numbers one through ten or use numeral numbers 1-10

  • How much time do you need? One hour? One week? One month? Or

      How much time do you need, one hour, one week, one month?

  • 10 or $15, $10 or $15, 10 or 15 dollars

  • Um-hum, Mm-hmm, Uh-huh

  • 5 inches, five inches, 5”

  • 1st grade, First grade, 1st Grade

  • Hyphen at the end of a line separating two words, (The doctor suggested Mr. Jones come back for follow- up appointments every month.)

Full payment is expected upon receipt of completed projects. An invoice will be sent out along with your transcript/document. For long-term and ongoing projects, you will be billed weekly for work completed to date and payment is expected within 10 days of receipt of invoice. A 50% deposit will be required for new clients before the commencement of the job